Seamless Importation Process & Added income for Everyone Using the DeliverAsap Mobile App

Doing business in this part of the country gets tedious every day, everyone knows how crazy it can put your stuff together from the manufacturers to you the retailers, and oftentimes to the last consumers and that is every means to cut out the endless distribution chain should be seriously encouraged. Do you know you can get your products shipped from China to Nigeria, cleared, and distributed with your branding to your customers in any part of Nigeria? All of these, you’d be doing behind a keypad and with just online tracking and monitoring of how your goods move from our warehouses to another. No stress! We just deliver it ASAP!

Either as a side hustle or as a full-time business enterprise, mini importation has established itself as a huge industry that has great potential with it also. How best then can mini importers, and e-commerce merchants engage their business with the right altitude which gives them zero stress and fulfills the desire of their customers — that is what DeliverAsap has come to solve.

How about making more money either as a student, stay-at-home Mom, or by mere knowing someone who is in the importation industry? Yes, you can make x2 of that your current salary and sack your boss then hire yourself.

Someone is asking, how do I do this? Simple as ABC, you can! Not only because you actually can but because many people have done it before. Oh! You are afraid if it’s not like what you’ve been hearing around town? Common Tolu, Nike, Musa, and Chinedu — in this, you will be exchanging value for money to get paid.

Before we continue, I need to state that, this is for e-commerce merchants, mini-importers, people who are tired of making peanuts and are willing to maximize resources, get more profits, and yes, have no reason to worry or stress under the hot sun. I am talking to you, you should read this to the end.

What then to do?

- Download the DeliverAsap App on Google Playstore

- Create an account with your name and email address

- Then as an e-commerce merchant or mini importer, place an order

- With the DeliverAsap App, you can pay suppliers and also calculate foreign currency to your local currency(Coming soon)

- Tell us what and how you want your goods delivered.

-Also as an affiliate who wants to make money off this, you can refer and get paid for the rest of your life (T&C applies)

It is that simple.

Wait no further, get yourself onboarded, and don’t forget you get value for all your transaction on the app. Go now to Playstore on your Mobile devices and download DeliverAsap Mobile App or click here, create an account and log in to see how seamless the app was designed to cater to your needs.

If it’s not DeliverAsap, it can never be like DeliverAsap!




More that just delivery

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DeliverASAP Nigeria

DeliverASAP Nigeria

More that just delivery

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